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Using Cynozure's six pillars of a data strategy, this scorecard will identify the strengths of your strategy and where to focus your attention to deliver real business value. These six pillars ensure you can focus on the right outcomes, build the right capabilities and have clarity on the plan and actions you need to take.

Vision &

Data strategy is all about delivering business value through the application of data. This pillar helps ensure you are focusing on the right business outcomes and gives clarity on where you are trying to get to.

People & Culture

This pillar helps build an organisation where data is used consistently to guide decision making. Having a culture that is able to do that, relies on the right skills, the right people, who are organised in the best way possible.

Operating Model

The way you operate can make or break your success and the business outcomes you deliver. This pillar helps to shape the approach you use for managing the implementation of your data strategy with pace and agility.

Technology & Architecture

A critical element of your strategy is the technologies you select and the way you architect the solutions you develop. This pillar focuses on what tools you need in your end to end platform and how to stitch them together.

Data Management

This pillar will ensure you have clarity on what data you have, where it is and how best to manage that data so that it is trusted, secure and available to the people that need it. This includes the definition of your key business metrics.


Delivering value from data is a journey. This pillar brings together the other pillars to create a pragmatic roadmap. It will show the stages you need to go through to deliver business value and build the required capabilities